Maximizing WordPress Development with Gutenberg

We are a user-centric web design and development team, and as such we are constantly seeking the optimal balance of flexibility, performance, and ease of use for website development for ourselves as well as our customers. That’s why we love Gutenberg, the robust block editor from WordPress, revolutionizing the way we create our custom themes.

The Magic of Custom Blocks and Advanced Custom Fields

Customisation is a must in the digital realm. Gutenberg, with its robust customisation features, blends seamlessly with Advanced Custom Fields in our WordPress toolkit. The result is a unique website, featuring custom post types and fields, perfectly tailored to each client’s requirements and fully integrated for an optimal administrative user experience.

Performance and Stability with Gutenberg

Gutenberg blocks have proven to be key to our strategy for performance optimization and stability. Tailored specifically for our themes, they ensure consistent reliability in style and HTML output. As WordPress continues to evolve its full site editing capabilities, Gutenberg remains our rock, providing stability in an ever-changing landscape. As it is a built-in feature of WordPress, we have found it to be compatible with updates as opposed to other drag-and-drop editors we have come across in our time. We have had clients come to us with broken editors built by third parties because they weren’t compatible with the latest updates. Because Gutenberg is a part of WordPress core, that never happens.

Simplified Backend Administration

Backend administration doesn’t need to be complex. Gutenberg streamlines the process, making it as straightforward as adding a block and inputting the details. Gone are the days of tweaking margins, padding, and dealing with intricate settings that other plugins, such as Elementor and WP Bakery, necessitate. This results in a more efficient content creation process that our clients truly appreciate. We understand that our client’s are actually not looking for something that makes them feel like they are building and designing their site every time they want to add a new page or post. They have another job to do, that is, running their business.

Consistent Branding

Maintaining brand consistency is vital, and Gutenberg is the perfect ally for this task. Unlike other plugins that can overwhelm with excessive options, Gutenberg blocks help ensure a brand-consistent appearance across the website. This way, we can guarantee that the final product always aligns with the intended brand aesthetics.

Positive Client Experiences

Our client feedback with the Gutenberg-powered backend has been really positive. For instance, Port Melbourne Secondary College found our custom blocks easy to use, enabling them to independently create new sections and content that aligns seamlessly with their brand. These positive experiences reaffirm the value and effectiveness of our Gutenberg-focused approach.

Gutenberg Delivers

Our mission at OINK Digital is to deliver unique, efficient, and user-friendly websites. Gutenberg’s mix of functionality and simplicity perfectly aligns with this objective, allowing us to produce websites that strike the perfect balance between brand consistency and ease of administration. As WordPress continues to evolve, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge, leveraging Gutenberg to provide reliable, brand-consistent, and high-performing websites for our clients. It’s our way of harnessing the power of WordPress to deliver on our promise.

Want to get started with Gutenberg?

If you would like to streamline your Wrodpress administrative tasks with Guttenberg, get in touch and we will help you out