Podcast Services

Record a podcast from home, online, in a studio or in front of a live audience. However you want to do it, we'll help you make it sound fantastic!

Podcasts are great for brands

Brands can really set themselves up as thought leaders by regularly publishing podcasts relating to their industry. This also creates an audience of people who feel connected to the brand as well as to the people and personalities behind it.

Podcast Recording at home

We can help you get set up to start recording your podcast from home. With our expert colsultations, we can advise you on the right equipment for your budget to get you up and running easily at home.

Podcast Recording Online

In the advent of recent events, a number of great podcasting products have launched enabling podcasters to interview guests across the world through great online services. As you know, online and digital content is our specialty so ask as how you can get started today!

Live Podcasts

We also have experience recording podcasts in front of a live audience! Our studio can be packed away and moved to the venue that is hosting your live event to ensure the event is recorded at the highest quality. We also mic up the audience with a separate boom mic to give the listener that sense of the live atmosphere. Recordings can be mixed down on the spot by the technician and delivered to you immediately after the event so there is no waiting around to receive the finished product.

Podcast Post Production services

Our podcast post-production services are second to none. We make your podcasts sound amazing with services ranging from intro/outro theme creation, top and tail editing, full episode editing, mixing, mastering and publishing.