Video Strategy

Research based YouTube Video Strategy for businesses designed to build a community around your brand.

YouTube is a community

A lot of businesses don’t realise that YouTube is a community and they often spend too much money creating videos that blindly promote their product or service. We help by creating a video content strategy that engages with their audience through truly valuable content that people are searching for.

Youtube Video Content Creation Melbourne

Channel and Video Optimisation

Is your channel optimised for search and conversion? Do you have the most effective channel art and branding that represents what your companies YouTube channel offers? If not, we can help.

By optimising each video title, thumbnail, description and tags, we can help give videos a chance to be found on the second largest search engine on the planet: YouTube.

Our Approach to Strategy

We like to meet with the brands we work with and discuss their goals on YouTube. Following that, we research competitors in their industry and identify niche topics and types of videos that perform well. This data driven research sets the foundation for a series of videos our clients can produce and we can optimise for search.

Channel Management

For companies that don’t have the resources to manage their own channel, we offer full YouTube Channel Management which includes regular strategy reviews, continued keyword research, video uploads and publishing and social media promotion.

Give your videos a fighting chance

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